About The Picture

Local parks can contain a surprising range of bird species at various times of year.  Taken in Riverside Park in Guelph, this Palm Warbler was stopping over for a few days on its way to its breeding grounds in the north.


Some of my favourite photography locations in the Guelph area.  More precise information to come in the future...

Ontario Location List

The Ontario Natural Heritage Information Service has a large list of natural area in Ontario available on their web site:  http://nhic.mnr.gov.on.ca/MNR/nhic/species/species_report_guide.cfm

I have mapped all these locations in Microsoft Mappoint 2004 as pushpins, with included hyperlink to the NHIC site and a short description of each location.  You can download the Mappoint 2004 file here.  MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE:

  • Right-click on the preceding link and choose "Save File As".
  • When the "Save As" dialog box comes up, IE will try to save it as a HTM file.  Replace the .HTM with .PTM.
  • Save the file.
  • Load the file in MapPoint 2004.

Guelph Lake Nature Centre

Located just past the Guelph Lake dam on Conservation Road.

University of Guelph Arboretum

Located at the University of Guelph.

Riverside Park

Your "standard" urban park, Riverside Park runs along the Speed River between Speedvale Ave and Woodlawn Road.

Starkey Trail

East of Arkell on Arkell Road in South-East Guelph.